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Fur Wizard Brush

Sold Out $51.95

Dog's Chew-th Brush

Sold Out $37.95

InstaClean Paw Washer

Sold Out $45.95


Keep Your Puppy Happy. Buy The Designer Accessories!

We aim to source the best products from national and international suppliers to ensure that human's best friends get the luxury they deserve when it comes to clothing, accessories and simple toys. Whether you find yourself in a rural area or in a major city such as Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth or even Adelaide, our online store will be able to give you the delivery and service that many strive for.

Pets deserve the best due to how loyal and personable they can be with the added fact that they are able to protect you in times of need. We as their friends need to give them the same level of care they have given us as we have grown up from small, medium to a large individual. This means getting the best dog accessories like bowls and beds that they can sleep soundly and like a king.

When we decide on getting the right products for our best friends, first, we must consider the price. Different dog accessories sell at varying rates and the quality of the attachment usually affects this amount. You will find collars, clothes and dog bowls of various designs and quality. Clothing with superior quality material will go at a higher price than those made of low-quality materials. Come up with a budget and get accessories that can match your budget. Remember to steer clear from low-cost accessories even if you are on a tight budget.

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