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Most Harnesses are Adjustable & Cool

Whether your dog is small, medium or large, it needs to get past the initial hesitation that comes from wearing a harness on a walk or getting into a car. Most pups just simply prefer to stick to the standard collar and leash and often this can resort to a lot of pulling and can easily tire you out.

Controlling your dog is important especially if they are considered extra large or XL, then a no pull harness might be what you need in your life and to have it as soon as possible. Instead of having to fight your doggy during your walking or even getting settled into the car to ensure safety, you get full control over your puppy which can lead to a much more behaved pet!

Your dog might not initially like a harness, but it's probably better for him. You will be able to keep an adjustable harness on your pet which can also give a cool and cute look for them when it comes to attracting the crowd. For the bigger dogs, you might even consider a camouflage colour or even a pink or purple colour if it suits better. Buying your products online might be the best way but we warn that you should look for reviews to ensure the product is high quality.  This ensures that you don't receive a cheap product that will be easy to break.

So if you're looking to grab a product in Australia and not sure where? Come by Dog's Best Friend where we ship to the major cities in around AU such as Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide in no time. 

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