Man’s best friend – that’s how dog lovers define their pet dogs. For some obvious reasons, these four-legged-tail-wagging creatures are adorable! Their puppy eyes are so irresistible, making it easy for us humans to love them.

This is a picture of a black pug dog in Australia

There’s so much more on dogs than just being charming. They may sometimes come in small sizes, but they have the biggest heart to give you all the love in the world. They are also known to be the most loyal creature in the world, proven to stay by their master’s side no matter what.

I can come up with 101 reasons why dogs are the man’s best friend, but thinking about it, do we deserve the title of being dog’s best friend? Sure our dogs always give their best shot for us, but do we also provide the best life and treatment they deserve? Here are the 5 top reasons why our dogs deserve only the best medicine.

1. They are living creatures – All living beings have three necessities: Food, Water and Shelter. These necessities may vary depending on their health condition and breed of the dog. It is essential to know what kind of food and environment would be the best fit for the type of dog you own so you can provide the best care for them. After all, we as living creatures also want the same care form the people who raise us.

2. Dogs are always there for you – When all else fails in life, most of the people we know tend to turn their backs from us, but never our dogs. If we invest time and money to make other people happy, then we must invest in our dogs even more. People come and go, but your dog will never leave you and would also hunt you down in case you get lost.

3. They have a short lifespan – An average lifespan of a dog is ten to thirteen years, if you are lucky, they could go up to eighteen years long. That’s it for them, but for us, it’s just a few years of our life. Sooner or later we must bid our fur best friends goodbye, and of course, we want to look back without regrets knowing we gave them the best possible life they could have.

4. They are part of the family – I once read somewhere that if you want to have a dog, make sure that you are ready to have another sibling/child. Dogs treat us like their own family; they are the ones who are willing to protect us from danger even if it may cost their lives. If you want to give the most nutritious cereal to your child, your dog also deserves the best brand of dog food too. This is because they are also family members and everyone deserves the same fair treatment, right?

5. They have feelings too – Do you ever encounter that “guilty dog face”? If you have, this has probably made you realise that dogs have opinions also. They are happy if you take them out for a walk, they feel lonely when you leave them alone for work, and they feel sad if they think that they are not important. Just like us, we feel loved when we are valued, and just like dogs, we want the best treatments too.

One more thing, these dogs deserve the best among the best treatment for still loving us after they witness us sing the most terrible version of Whitney Houston’s I Have Nothing. These dogs will never judge you and will never make you feel you’re less of a person even with all your failures and flaws. Dogs are amazing and awesome, let’s give back all the love for giving them the care they deserve.